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Founded in 2009,  the Zürich-based studio has the aim of offering high-quality content in animation, filming and motion graphics.

Passionate about the endless possibilities of animated design, Thomas’ strong belief that a short video  is worth a thousand words has been propelling the company to the front scene in the past decade.

In the constant pursuit of delivering the most innovative content, EFEX has been continuously following new technology trends, pushing further the boundaries of design, for the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

Founder | 3D Artist

Thomas Stocker

Thomas Stocker, the founder of the company has more than two decades experience in 3D Animation and Motion Graphics Design. Starting as On Air Designer for Viva TV and MTV Networks Thomas decided to start his own business in 2009 to cover a special need in 3D Animation.

Software Skills:
Cinema 4D / X-Particles / Redshift / Octane / Houdini SideFX / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe Photoshop / DaVinci Resolve / Substance Painter / Moi3D.


A member of the creative collective PULK and of a broad network of external partners, EFEX guarantees the creation, development and delivery of large-scale projects.


We are always on the lookout for new challenges or collaboration.

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Feldstrasse 133
8004 Zurich

T: +41(0)78’888’72’88